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The façade is the skin of your home



Our high-quality aluminum systems offer a variety of options to make your home more comfortable and of higher quality. The wide range of our products and solutions includes:


  • Sliding doors | window

  • Folding doors | window

  • Casement doors | window

  • Fixed glazed elements

  • Skylighter

  • Facade elements

Due to the high stability of our windows and doors, element sizes of up to 4 meters in height are possible.

We offer various frame configurations with a wide variety of locks from digital to security-optimized locking systems. Functions such as push-pull elements or turn-tilt solutions can also be implemented.

All our elements are equipped with multi-point locks to ensure maximum security for your home.

Cafe Window
Wooden Windows


We use high quality aluminum systems made in Thailand that are fully custom made based on your needs and requirements.

Our aluminum elements not only protect you from rain, they can also reduce noise and UV radiation and guarantee your safety in your home or office. For all systems we offer different technology solutions specifically tailored to your needs with the following possible configurations:

  • Noise protection | up to 36 dB reduction

  • Burglary protection | security glass | multiple lock system

  • UV protection | Low-E

  • Mosquito protection | screens

  • Insulation glazing for Energy saving

Image by Helena Lopes


Choose the right color for your project from a wide range of powder coating options. The sustainable coatings of our NCA windows and doors with a powder coating thickness of up to 80 μm let your elements shine in perfect shine and color for decades.

In addition to the rich color selection, we also offer various wood design coatings in which you can enjoy all the technical advantages of a modern aluminum window in a wood design of your choice.

Glass Buildings


Glass is a science in itself, so there's a variety of shades, glass strengths, security options, and power optimizations. We adapt the elements to your personal wishes.

Our technologies provide:

  • Tempered safety glasses

  • Laminated safety glasses

  • Double glazing

  • Sound-optimized glazing

  • Burglar-resistant glazing

  • Energy-optimized Low-E glazing

We would be happy to support you in detail.


All NCA glazing variants can be offered in different color styles and material thicknesses and combinations. 


We offer our customers a comprehensive installation service for NCA window and door elements. With our professional team we ensure a high-quality, punctual and custom-fit installation of the elements.

Our service includes

  • Planning and advice

  • Exact measurement of the installation situation and precise adjustment of all elements to the Construction

  • Assembly

  • Customer service

Installing a Large Glass Window
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