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Is Solar Power the right
Solution for you?

Solar power, unlike traditional power, is renewable,  and the best energy solution to keep our future clean. There are far too many financial benefits for homeowners, businesses and the planet for us to ignore solar as a leading energy source.

Forest Trees

Is the future of your home clean and sustainable? 

Solar power is the next smart step on the journey for consumers to stay abreast of rising costs as well help  themselves, and the environment. Move with the times and use the power of NCA-Solar solar energy systems. 


Are you ready save money and utility bills?

With rising electricity prices, it is exactly the right time to switch to future-oriented, sustainable solar energy.

With NCA-Solar systems is it possible to benefit from continues savings on electricity cost over many  years.  

NCA-Solar is full service, energy efficiency consulting firm founded on three main principles

- Innovation
- Sustainability
- Efficiency 

At NCA-Solar we create value for our clients and communities by providing innovative energy efficient solutions. By reducing energy use and utilizing energy we lower costs and set a sustainable path for the future. 
NCA-Solar offers plenty of chooses from  on grid systems to hybrid battery solutions. 

Solar Panels

Always keep an eye on your power consumption! With NCA-Solar Photovoltaic (PV) monitoring system tools you get a full overview of your electricity situation ONLINE, worldwide at any time. Just use your IOS or Android device.

Professionality engineered NCA-Solar systems it can be possible to archive an amortization  of less than 5 years and impress with a typical life of more than 30 Years. This can result in a return of more than 3 times of the original investment. 


NCA-Solar work with well-known quality products and manufacturers. We only use low maintenance, high quality monochristaline, Photovoltaik modules with safety glass. 

We are more than happy to advice you which technology, from which partner company from various top manufacturers is suitable, and the right choice for you when it comes to inverter and battery technology.

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